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The Heart of the App

The app is made up of guides, which in turn are made up of locations.

  Easy to navigate list of guides

  Each guide has a presentation page with images and text

   Each location in the guide can include text, images (with image captions), audio, video and 360° content

  Content can be added in any language

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Find Your Way and Brand Your App

Maps make it easy for the visitors to navigate the area.

  Overlay a stylised map image to add a custom feel

  Add your own map markers and symbols

  Use Mapbox to customise an existing map

  Adjust the zoom level of the map


Navigate With Ease

GPS is built into the app. Using GPS visitors can see their position on the map and navigate the area.

  GPS works in the background and can notify visitors when they have arrived at a location

  Set an individual trigger distance for each location’s GPS notification

phone screen with popup showing GPS notification
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Where’s the Nearest Bathroom?

Info pins are information points that can be placed on the map.

  Show where e.g. cafés, bathrooms and attractions are located

  Add new categories of info pins, specific to your app

  Hide/show different info pin categories using menu


No Wifi? No Problem

When a user starts a guide, that specific guide is downloaded to the smartphone and stored for offline use

  Use the app offline

  Users can remove guides when no longer needed to save space on their phones

  When the app is updated users get a notification and can download the new content

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phone with search function


Find What You Are Looking For

There is a search function available for the app. Users type what they are looking for into the search field and the results appear in a list. From there they can click on a result and open a guide or location.


Keep Track of Fun Things

An event calendar is a great way to let visitors know what is going on in the area.

  Notify visitors when something is happening

  Update the calendar automatically via existing API

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A User-friendly Experience

An initial category page is a way to divide the app into sections such as events, map and guides. In this way the experience becomes more user-friendly and structured.


Spark Engagement With A Quiz

It is possible to add a quiz to the guides in the app. There is one multiple choice question per location and the user can compete against other players.

smartphone showing quiz function
phone screen showing AR function


Enhance Reality With AR

In its simplest form AR, augmented reality, means scanning something in your environment using the smartphone’s camera in order to trigger specific content in the app such as an image, 3D model or video. One way to use this technology is to show how an environment looked in a different era. Contact us for more info and examples.


Brand Your App, Make It Your Own

The app offers many possibilities of branding such as adding a logo, choosing colours etc. Give visitors a good impression, create familiarity and style your app according to your graphic profile.

  Designed app icon

  Choose splash and loading screens

  Designed header

  Choose colours

  Choose fonts

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phone screen showing about page of onspotstory app


Present the App or Organisation

Use the ‘about page’ to present the app or the organisation behind it.

  Add images and text

  Add links to e.g. social media accounts and website


Make Changes Easily

When you become an OnSpotStory client, we’ll provide you with a login and password for the OnSpotStory CMS (content management system). This tool allows you to easily upload and edit all the information in your guides using your own computer.

  Design options to customize your app

  Add info pins to the map

  Add text in any language

  When changes are made users are notified that new content is available

desktop computer showing statistics tables


Get To Know Your Visitors

We know that it is important to gain insight into visitor behaviour. When you become an OnSpotStory customer you receive a link to detailed statistics, showing you how the app is being used.

  Number of visitors and time of visit

  Number of visitors per guide and location

  Number of visitors per language and country

  Number of downloads per operating system


Save Time

We understand how important it is that technical solutions can both be built upon and are easy to integrate with existing systems. For this reason our modules are made so that they can be connected with existing APIs. One example of this is our event calendar.

We have created a software function for customers, regularly updating and syncing the app calendar with an existing calendar on their website, via their API. See customer examples.

phone screen showing event calendar


Where The Magic Happens

Our experience is that content can be the trickiest and most time consuming part of making an app. It is also the most fun and it is what makes the experience truly valuable to the visitor. If you would like any assistance with content creation along the way, we are here to help. We also offer content packages. Get in touch for more info.

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