Photographer: Öyvind Lund

Sunne Municipality

Sunne is located right in the middle of Värmland, a landscape full of contrasts. Culture and the tradition of storytelling are strong in Sunne. They wanted to use technology as a means to help visitors find the many gems the area has to offer.

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There is lots to see and do in Sunne. For Sunne it was important that the content was easy to understand as well as engaging, for Swedish and English speakers alike.

The app, Marvelous Sunne, ties the different attractions in the area, such as Rottneros Park and Selma Lagerlöf’s Estate, together. Mårbacka, who has also contributed to the app, wanted to be able to “offer visitors a better experience and increased knowledge”, seeing the app as a complement to their other guided tours.


In the app Marvelous Sunne (Sagolika Sunne), visitors can get to know Selma Lagerlöf’s Sunne, be guided to some of Sunne’s gems and experience Mårbacka, the estate where Selma Lagerlöf lived for a large part of her life. In collaboration with OnSpotStory, Sofie Bergkvist has produced the stories for the three guides in Sagolika Sunne’s app, as part of one of our content packages.

Sunne’s app also has an event calendar, helping visitors keep track of what is happening in the area. The events are automatically updated in the app via Sunne’s API.

To make it easy to navigate between events, the map and the guides, Sunne has also added a category page as the first page in the app.



We are making history accessible in every smartphone, visitors can easily get immersed in the stories through text, images and audio.

Maria Nordmark, Head of Tourism Development in Sunne Municipality